Kathy Moody

Kathy Moody, Ph.D. has 13 years experience as an editor, reporter and writer and heads our editing team. Originally from Southern Canada, Kathy is a former editor of a financial magazine and has completed many courses in the PCP at Ryerson University.


Head of Content Strategy:

Derek Pope
Derek Pope is the Head of Content Strategy at Hillcountrytimes.com. A former financial tech journalist, Derek has written for many authority news companies. He graduated from Manchester University and has joined Hillcountrytimes.com after 2 years professional experience.

Authors & Editors

david-crisanoDavid Crisano
David Crisano covers the Semiconductors and Computer Chip industry. he joined Hillcountrytimes.com in late 2013 and previously was a hardware analyst with William Blair Research.

499dc0f2c97b2a2bcf244a09327e3148Ruchi Gupta
Ruchi Gupta, has more than 6 years of rich experience ranging from Financial Services to Media. Gupta completed her Post-Graduate Diploma in BA with a specialization in Finance from ISB&M. She is a formed writer and analyst for several authoritative news publishers.

kristin-rhodesKristin Rhodes
Kristin Rhodes covers large cap tech and telecom companies. She has consistently ranked among the leading analysts in the sector and has been recognized in a variety of investor polls.

jason-feldJason Feld
Jason Feld covers the Cable, Satellite, Entertainment, Broadcasting and Advertising industries. Prior to joining Hillcountrytimes.com, he worked at Berstein Research as a Technology Analyst. 

pat-mcdonaldPat McDonald
Pat McDonald covers the Enterprise Systems & PC Hardware industry. He joined Hillcountrytimes.com in 2013 as a small cap contributor prior to moving into his current role.

Sally Goff

Jason Soldner covers multi-industry micro cap companies for Hillcountrytimes.com Jason has covered the US industrial space for over 6 years and has been an equity research analyst for 11 years, based in London, Hong Kong and (currently) Washington DC.

Graham Finley
Joseph Davies covers Healthcare Services, Medical Devices and small cap Biotech companies. Prior to joining Hillcountrytimes.com, Joe was a large cap pharma contributor at Morningstar.

Justin Falconi
Justin Falconi covers large and mid-cap healthcare stocks. Justin joined Hillcountrytimes.com in 2013 to work as an associate on the Biotechnology team. He quickly moved into his current Senior Analyst role earlier this year.

Jim Bryant
With over 7 years experience in the world of finance and investing, Jim covers dozens of stocks and is an expert in trending news. He has also worked for several hedge funds in the past and is writer for other authority news websites.

Ryan Talluto
Ryan Talluto is a leading analyst who joined Hillcountrytimes.com in 2013 and covers the Consumer and Retail sectors. Prior to joining the company, Seth was an internet analyst at Stifel Nicolaus.