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Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), Waymo Planning To Unveil A Ride-Sharing Service

The stock of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) closed at $951.68 losing 0.64% in yesterday’s trading session. Its Waymo segment has revealed that it might soon be unveiling a ride-sharing service. However, it will first need to master left turns.

Over a long period of time the self-driving vans have experienced difficulties when it comes to making left turns. At the moment, it is channeling much of its resources towards the resolution of the major software issues.

The provider remains positive that it will soon be able to present strong competition to rival Lyft and Uber. The Chrysler vans will be operating in Arizona, picking up and dropping passengers along the way.

The company has indicated that it will no longer be the “safety” driver monitoring the vans. On the contrary, these vans will be monitored remotely. During those instances when there is no green arrow for left turns, a number of safety issues usually end up stripping up the software found in the cars.

Efforts to improve the cars are already underway and in fact Waymo has come up with a blog demonstrating how simulations have been helping train its cars learn tricky turns. At certain critical corners, some flashing yellow arrows have been set up and they have been helping the vans turn left.

Waymo’s spokesperson opined, “Navigating this type of intersection can be tricky for humans and self-driving cars alike — drivers must carefully move into a five-lane intersection and then find a gap in oncoming traffic. Turning left too soon may cause a driving hazard for oncoming traffic.”

It goes without saying that it would be a matter of a very frustrated driver behind if it happens that the move is made when it already too late.

The spokesperson added that their cars had all it took to make turns in all sorts of intersections. Alphabet happens to be one of the top investors in Uber. However, it is a completely different case when it comes to its attitude towards Lyft. It is clear that it has always held back whenever it gets proposals to invest in it.

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