Technology, inc (NYSE:CRM) Unveils An Impact Investment Fund Worth $50 Million

The stock of, inc (NYSE:CRM) closed at $95.36 gaining 1.51% in yesterday’s trading session. This company has today made an announcement regarding the Salesforce Impact Fund. It hopes that the funds will help much towards fueling the growth of a large number of companies. Salesforce technology is expected to play a central role towards addressing a wide array of challenges across workforce development, sustainability, equality and the social sector.

The EVP of Corporate Development working with Ventures opined, “With the new Salesforce Impact Fund, Salesforce Ventures is investing in companies that are not only creating innovative solutions for customers, but also improving the state of the world.”He went ahead to say that as a company they were happy with the fact that they had succeeded at broadening their focus on impact investing.

Salesforce is one of those companies which believe that with proper planning business can turn out to be remarkable and powerful platforms for sparking change. The provider recently expressed its undying commitment towards ensuring that it is able to serve the interests of all stakeholders. This takes into account all its customers, investors, employees, partners, the environment and the communities as well.

It also takes great pride in the fact that it is currently uniquely positioned and that is the reason why it is able to catalyze the growth of a lot of companies. That is especially in close consideration of those companies that have over the years focused on developing solutions and products targeted at uplifting society across important areas.

It goes without saying that indeed the the Salesforce Impact Fund will move quite a long towards helping drive positive social change. Most of the Salesforce customers are set to benefit from a wide range of unique capabilities that will be delivered by the company’s services.

Business challenges are inevitable in the everyday’s business operations. The provider has been through difficult times in the recent past. However, it has resorted to the right mechanisms every time and thus gotten itself from the ruts.

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