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Reasons Why There Might Be Fewer Free Articles On Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)

The stock of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) closed at $953.27 losing 0.61% in yesterday’s trading session. Quite a large number of media companies have raised issues with this company outlining that it has over the years been doing a lot of activities targeted at infuriating them. The “First Click Free,” has been a controversial policy and it forwards the demand that the various publishers give certain number of articles for free to readers so that the articles appear high up in the search results of Google.

Evidently, Publishers have been seen as increasingly moving their products behind the subscription paywalls. That is in opposition to having them entirely rely on digital advertising for the generation of revenues. It goes without saying that indeed this particular policy is turning out to be increasingly troublesome.

For instance, the The Wall Street Journal halted its efforts of giving free tasters of its products at the start of this year. Google takes great pride in its over 90% global search engine market share. It is pretty obvious that such control counts for any publisher.

Richard Gingras , who is Google News chief made an announcement outlining that plans were underway to replace the Click Free with the latest policy called Flexible Sampling. It might be music to the ears of many publishers more so considering that they might reserve the right to set their own number of free monthly samples. The search giant has given its recommendation and it says 10 a month would probably be an idea number.

Gingras opined, “As a first step we’re taking advantage of our existing identity and payment technologies to help people subscribe on a publication’s website with a single click, and then seamlessly access that content anywhere.”

Most of the publishers agree to the fact that giving people access to some free content has a role to play towards getting them to buy the product. Google has given a promise saying that it is willing to collaborate with publishers towards streamlining the process of getting people to subscribe to their articles.

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