NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) Challenges Apple TV With The Addition Of Google Assistant

The stock of NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) closed at $178.77 gaining 1.76% in yesterday’s trading session. This company has over the years remained much aware of the competition posed to it by Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL).

It has recently been doing all within its means to ensure that it beefs up its offering and positioning. It is looking forward to posing strong competition to Apple TV. It sees the addition of Google’s virtual assistant as a major step forward towards ensuring that it upholds its relevance in the market.

The Google Assistant will be added via a hands-free voice control to the company’s streaming box. This together with other features such as the smart-home support will move quite a long way towards helping the provider compete favorably with Apple. The competitor has over a long period of time maintained its position as one of the top providers for streaming media devices. Apple provides capabilities requiring the users to purchase AI speakers in most of the systems.

Using the new Google Assistant-enabled Shield is pretty easy. Users are able to do a number of things including fast-forwarding and requesting Google to mine its databases in a bid to obtain the required information regarding the current running programming.

Google virtual assistant performs a wide range of operations such as checking calendars, shopping on Google’s store as well as ordering ride hailing services. Most probably, the answers in line with Google’s assistant are expected to appear visually on the TV in varying formats. That will be dictated by the requested information and the question as well. The various users will be in a position to command their TVs to display all the slideshows and the display photos they might need from Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG).

A top executive working with Google opined, “Google will also offer Shield owners a three-month free trial of its YouTube Red offering, which includes ad-free playback.”

The announcement by NVIDIA has come just a day after Amazon, which happens to be an e-commerce powerhouse launched a number of new Echo devices with major capabilities in controlling smart homes.

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