Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) Collaborates With Pinewood Forrest To Deliver Fiber Connectivity

Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) closed at $37.82 losing 1.84% in yesterday’s trading session. This company will soon be partnering with Pinewood Forrest to give 10-gigabit service to businesses and 1-gigabit speed internet to residents. The online experience that will come along with the technology is expected to play a huge role towards helping users perform high-bandwidth activities with speed.

Every homeowner in Pinewood Forrest will be entitled to the enjoyment of Comcast’s X1 and gigabit-speed Internet service. X1 happens to be the simplest way for each of them to access entertainment on their screens.

The Xfinity Digital Starter tier comprises of a complimentary set top box, the Xfinity Stream app and about 140 channels. It is pretty easy for the users in one home to stream movies, download files, play games and surf the web simultaneously. Each and every resident is at the moment looking forward to obtaining a Gig and TV service for a year. Currently, Comcast provides gigabit-speed Internet across its service footprint in the greater Atlanta.

Pinewood Forrest was envisioned as a community for artisans, storytellers and creatives. Upon completion, it will serve as a home to over 3,000 residents. Also, almost 3,500 professionals working on the Pinewood Atlanta Studios campus will be able to access it.

Pinewood Forrest’s Builders Guild will be entrusted with the provision of the complementary service. The Builders Guild is made up of about four local builders, each possessing an in-depth understanding of Pinewood Forrest’s vision.

Comcast has promised that it will be providing up to 10-gigabit speeds to shops, businesses and restaurants within Pinewood Forrest. On top of that, the community’s 118 acres of green space is set to be connected through XFINITY WiFi service.

Asides from that, most of the business customers at Pinewood Forrest have revealed their intention to leverage on the cloud-based solutions and the ultra-fast Internet connectivity to achieve their goals.

The President of Pinewood Forrest, Rob Parker opined, “In today’s digital world, connectivity and speed are crucial, and even more so to our community of movie studio professionals.”

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