Technology, Inc.(NASDAQ:AMZN)’s Alexa Makes Waves In The Home Smart, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)’s Echo has increasingly become the hit on the market as a smart home product. With numerous features, every organization wants to integrate its products and services with Amazon’s customizable virtual assistant, Alexa. As the integrations keep increasing at a faster rate, it’s hard to understand which products preferably work well with Alexa. Though Amazon is trying to keep things in order, its interface on the website is still tough to navigate. Also, it’s clear that one doesn’t require an Echo to use Alexa.

The company has not only integrated Alexa into its other products, such as the Fire TV and the new Echo Show, but has also allowed the third-party hardware developers to construct Alexa into their own devices including allowing Ford to incorporate the virtual assistant tool into its new car models.

Though Apple’s Siri is among the oldest voice-based virtual assistant to be launched, there are some reactions from various groups of people that the tool is far less than enthusiastic. But a former employee of Apple stated that even though Amazon and Google smart products have made waves in the home smart space, they generally focus on the audio quality than the intelligence. However, another former employee blames Apple for concentrating on the user privacy which consumes too much data rather than improving on the essential market capabilities.

Another report from WSJ mentions that several Apple ex-workers and developers were disappointed at the recent launch of the Amazon Echo showing that Amazon had figured out a lot of things than what Siri had already mastered. In addition, Siri’s delay in allowing the third parties to access its app and the company’s limited accessibility is another obstacle for Siri.

Apple needs to set its priorities right by making significant improvements to Siri so as to match other market competitors. However, one advantage about Siri is that it supports more than 21 languages, while Google Home has seven languages and Alexa speaks only two languages, English and German.

A few days ago, Amazon was reportedly planning to launch a new pair of Alexa-enabled smartglasses, which transmits sounds directly into the user’s head discreetly rather than using headphones.

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