Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Is Building Its First Wearable Device To House Alexa, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is working on its pair of first smart-glasses to house its virtual assistant Alexa, a home security camera that could be connected to a smartphone. The wearable device is designed to look exactly as the regular pair of spectacles that can be worn comfortably and discreetly. Reports show that the device could be launched before the year ends but an Amazon spokesperson rejected the rumors, saying that the company policy does not allow them to comment on speculation.

The smart glasses are not the only product that Amazon is planning to launch. Reports indicate that the company is growing its smart home with an addition of home security camera system with an internet-connected camera tied to its echo products. The devices would allow Amazon customers to monitor their orders on the site and have them delivered to them. While Amazon has experienced failures in the past including the Fire phone, which flopped costing the company huge amounts of cash.

Amazon has already sold numerous Alexa-enabled devices across the globe and its plans to enhance Alexa shows that the company is keen on taking risks with new technologies. Today, an internet-connected security camera is the basis of smart home and has become a popular accessory among the Americans. Amazon selected a secretive product development team to study the smart-home market to compare other devices that the company can build, but the move to settle on the smart glasses is unexpected and risky, considering that the product is yet to be tested on the market.

Smart glasses which would be Amazon’s first wearable would enable Alexas from anywhere compared to the current devices where customers use the static in-home speakers. However, Google and Apple have a strategic advantage over Amazon which has no mobile phone platform of its own. Amazon may not create its voice AI into smartphone hardware where customers may access easily hence the product is likely to face challenges in the long run. Amazon has grappled with connected device portfolio since it launched its first Echo smart speaker in 2014 and the journey seems to have just started.

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