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WhatsApp Messaging App Owned By Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Is Working On An ‘Unsend Message’ Feature

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is reportedly working on an “unsend message” feature that will allow users to delete already sent messages even if they had already been delivered to the recipient.

The WhatsApp team is reportedly testing the “unsend message” feature thus suggesting that it might soon be available for users. Various rumors regarding the feature claim that it is currently in the late stages of testing and that it might be launched soon through an update. The rumors also claim that servers can now handle or facilitate the feature.

The new feature which has been given the name “Delete for Everyone” has led to a lot of speculation regarding how it will work. The most viable explanation is that it will allow WhatsApp users to recall messages they have already sent even if the recipient has already received the message. A user will basically have the ability to delete a text that is already visible in the recipient’s thread.

London-based Twitter account, WABetaInfo was one of the sources that revealed the news about the pipeline WhatsApp feature. WABetaInfo tests WhatsApp updates before they are available to other users and it claims that “Delete for Everyone” will soon be available.

“WhatsApp is finally testing the Delete for Everyone feature: The server finally works and it successfully recalls the message,” stated WABetaInfo.

The reports also claim that the feature will work on all types of messages including images, gifs, texts, status replies, documents, and videos. This is certainly good news for WhatsApp users especially because it offers the convenience of deleting accidentally sent content. However, it is not the first time that such a feature has been seen in a messaging platform. The Skype video call and messaging platform which is owned by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) also has a similar feature that allows messages to be deleted by the sender even if seen by the recipient. However, the Skype feature only allows this for a limited duration of time and older messages cannot be deleted. The upcoming feature for WhatsApp is expected to function in a similar way but Facebook has not revealed any details to confirm the rumors.

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