IBM Common Stock (NYSE:IBM) Announces Syniverse’s Adoption Of The IBM Cloud

The stock of IBM Common Stock (NYSE:IBM) closed at $143.14 gaining 0.44% in yesterday’s trading session. This provider has today made an announcement revealing the move by Syniverse to adopt IBM Cloud which will help it expand its flexibility. In line with this will also be the expansion in the provider’s capacity to serve the dynamic mobile service needs for the large number of customers.

Seasonal trends in a major way determine the usage of some popular Syniverse services, such as its Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).Eventually, the fluctuation may culminate into some sudden and severe demands on technology resources. For instance, during holidays, Syniverse has consistently witnessed a steep rise in MMS. This is usually a moment where there are a lot of users sharing photos and graphics.

From 2014 to 2016, Syniverse experienced a 57 percent rise in terms of the compound annual growth rate for the volume of MMS messages per second for Halloween. The others were for Thanksgiving which stood at 34 percent, 53 percent for New Year’s Eve and 30 percent for Christmas.

Syniverse has over the years been operating a hybrid cloud environment that has been employing the various VMware solutions on the IBM Cloud in a bid to help manage the seasonal spikes in traffic. As a result, it has made tremendous steps forward in scaling up its wide array of the VMware solutions on the IBM Cloud.

That has made it possible for Syniverse to connect to IBM’s global cloud infrastructure as well as quickly scale up its existing VMware environments. The IBM Cloud is also known to provide the ideal environment that facilities proper testing as well as the integration of the new services. It thus becomes pretty easy for Syniverse to better meet the ever changing customer needs without necessarily having to set up new test environments.

The Vice President of Private Cloud working at IBM, Zane Adam opined, “This collaboration with Syniverse is a prime example of the benefits our clients can gain by tapping into the IBM Cloud for its global reach and scale.”

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