Glu Mobile Inc (NASDAQ:GLUU) News: Design Home Audience Hits The One Million Mark In Terms Of The Daily Active Users

The stock of Glu Mobile Inc (NASDAQ:GLUU) closed at $3.43 losing 1.78% in yesterday’s trading session. This leading global developer and publisher of free-to-play mobile games today revealed that Design Home had finally hit the one million mark in terms of the daily active users.

Design Home was originally launched globally in November 2016.The second quarter of 2017 saw the company realize about 25.5 million downloads and $41.4 million in bookings. It has developed over the years to become one of the top performers in the U.S. App Store for iPhone. Achieving the #1 Top Free and #17 rankings was a major step forward. Reaching the #1 Top Free and #23 Top Grossing game in the U.S. Google Play Store is great progress that needs to be upheld according to an analyst that has been following closely on its progress.

Since launch, Design Home has achieved much in terms of the large, global audience it has been able to captivate. Surprisingly, a large number of them don’t usually consider themselves traditional gamers.

Glu’s President & CEO, Nick Earl opined, “We’ve invested significantly in building the user base for this title and we’re delighted to be seeing the return on that investment. I’m incredibly proud of the highly engaging content our team continues to deliver for players and look forward to Design Home’s continued success.”

The company’s spokesperson in a statement outlined that they were doing much to advance their services. That would help them better serve the various décor lovers as well as help them reach their goal of discovering, designing, and shopping for the various items they loved.

He also recognized the fact that most of them held the thought of styling gorgeous rooms and getting noticed for it in high regard. He promised that they were going to move every step of the way with them to ensure that they achieved their set goals. Challenges have popped up along the way, but each time it handled matters in remarkable fashion.

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