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Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) News: iPhone 8’s Facial Recognition Software Presenting Unique Capabilities

The stock of Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) closed at $158.59 gaining 1.41% in yesterday’s trading session. The iPhone 8’s facial recognition software is a major technological advancement with remarkable capabilities to scan the user’s face.

One of its most unique attributes is the fact that it is able to make the facial recognition even when it is lying flat on a table. The latest discovery emanating from the HomePod firmware reveals more about Pearl. This happens to be Apple’s internal name for this system that is facilitating facial recognition.

As a matter of fact, the improved facial recognition system for iPhone 8 is what is expected to serve as an ideal replacement for the Touch ID. Claims have been forwarded outlining that the iPhone 8’s facial recognition was one of a kind with capabilities to capture more data points. This will of course be much more than what the Touch ID would do.

Earlier on, there were rumors that the iPhone 8 was going to do away with the Touch ID. Most of the iPhone users have been raising a lot of concern saying that they were encountering difficulties unlocking their devices. It is a matter that has been persistent over the years considering that what they have been with over the years wasn’t flexible enough. The user would be compelled to bring up the iPhone directly in front of his face.

The new HomePod firmware findings and the Bloomberg‘s report are bringing out one crucial point. Apple’s facial identification software will be doing much more than just scanning faces head-on. It will also be possible to unlock the smartphone even during those instances that it will be at an odd angle.

The report came out last month at a moment when the advanced facial recognition feature was still undergoing a series of tests. The new discovery within the HomePod firmware has been termed by experts as a major point of transformation. It will of course be running a modified version of iOS. There are high chances that the advanced face ID system could make it into the iPhone 8 as stated by analysts.

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