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Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) undecided On Whether Or Not To Stop AI Communicating In Unfamiliar Languages

The stock of Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) closed at $169. 86 gaining 0.36% in yesterday’s trading session. Some two AI agents developed inside Facebook started off addressing each other in plain old English. However, it dawned on the researchers that they had made a few errors in the programming. But the most intriguing development lately is the fact that the two held a discussion which seemed to a lot of people as well as experts to be nonsense.

Surprisingly, it is this same discussion that was at the center-stage of a recent debate between experts. Most probably, the debate could in future ‘give birth’ to what might turn out to be the most sophisticated negotiation software on the planet

As a matter of fact, the negotiation software according to experts had learned and developed over time. What is hoped to come out of the experiment might be boosted speeds, efficiency and the kind of nuance that neither me nor you would most probably reach.

The visiting research scientist from Georgia Tech at Facebook AI Research, Dhruv Batra opines, “There was no reward to sticking to English language.”There are high expectations that the various agents will be drifting off the understandable language.They will instead come up with new code-words for themselves.”

Take for instance when someone says ‘five times.’ Eventually, you will consider it to mean that the person needs some five copies of a similar item. It goes without saying that this has a major similarity to the general way in which humans invent short-hands.

Over the ages, humans have continued to develop unique dialects for everything ranging from hunting down terrorists as Seal Team Six to trading pork bellies on the floor of the Mercantile Exchange. Most probably, a good explanation would be that humans happen to perform much better when they aren’t under pressure to conform to the normal language conventions.

Experts believe that it is high time that humans let the software do what it does without posing any form of interference. Humans might of course train bots to talk. However, learning their language might turn out to be a pretty tricky affair.

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