As Yahoo! Inc (INDEXNYSEGIS:YHQ)’s Partnership With AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) Unwinds, Users Need To Switch Email Addresses

As one of the steps to finalize the corporate merger of Aol and As Yahoo! Inc (INDEXNYSEGIS:YHQ), it looks like Yahoo accounts will not be accessible through AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) email addresses.

The move has led to a lot of discontent among net neutrality advocates. This however seem more less like creating fenced gardens and more of cleaning up previous commitments together with pre-existing partnerships.

Although AT&T customers will experience some inconveniences, the whole matter is more than just net neutrality and more of getting those corporate deals moving. Basically, although unwelcome, the deal seems to be undoing the previous deal between the two companies where AT&T domains were used as quasi-Yahoo accounts which would also incorporate Tumblr. Customers who have been affected by the new move will be required to migrate their email addresses to something with a completely new domain.

AT&T Inc has signed a 15 year agreement with Yahoo Inc which is poised to initiate the evolution of the internet. The partnership will involve a number of undertakings ranging from selling high-speed broadband to selling high-speed broadband to competing against AOL dial-up service.

In a statement, AT&T said it had awarded the tender to host its mobile and web portals to Synacor Inc. Synacor Inc is not so famous outside the telecom industry. The deal will shift many of AT&T’s business away from Yahoo. In a statement, AT&T said Synacor will now be responsible for managing its next-generation AT&T-branded applications and portal. The company added that Yahoo will continue to host emails for its customers. Yahoo’s spokeswoman said AT&T will remain a valued partner but declined to give additional details.

The revenue-sharing agreement between the Internet pioneer and the telecom giant had lost most of its cachet over the years due to a changing web landscape.  However, the death of the partnership seem to have at the inappropriate time for Yahoo which is currently in talks to be acquired by bidders including AT&T’s fiercest competitor Verizon Communications Inc.

According B. Riley & Co’s analyst Sameet Sinha, the partnership may have generated annual revenues amounting to $100 for Yahoo.

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