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53 It Is! Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Plunges 45 Places From 2016-Glassdoor

If the latest Glassdoor research rankings are anything to go by, then the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO has some work cut out. According to just released Glassdoor rankings, Tim Cook, the Apple CEO has not faired very well. It is rather astonishing how the ever high-ranking executive went 45 places on the top 100.

The top honors in 2017 went to Clorox Company CEO Benno Dorer with 99% approval rating. It has always been the norm to find Tim Cook among the top 10 CEOS worldwide. According to pundits, there could be some work for Tim to do to mitigate this.

The list also saw big names like Face book’s Mark Zuckerberg continue with the plunge. The dwindling rating is a clear sign that employees have not had a good word for them in the past year.

6 Percentage points

However, even with all these, the CEO still lost only six percentage points from last year to clock 93 percent. There is hope as Glassdoor explains that they rank top CEOs from the 67% mark. What it means is that Tim Cook still performed above par.

Surprising entrants to the top list according to the research is Microsoft’s Satya Nadella who has ranked 29 in 2017 release. Satya became Microsoft CEO in 2014 and had never made it to the elite list. Another surprise absentee on the top 10 was Goggles Sundar Pichai.

In spite of inheriting the position from the high ranking Larry page who left sometime in 2015, Pichai was no match and places at slot 17 on the list.

The research Glassdoor, top CEO research, involves employees from the top companies leaving reviews on the company job site. But because there is no concrete information on the methodology by Glassdoor, it only remains to be seen why the CEO moved that swiftly down the list.

The consolation from fortune, one of the top business reporters, pointing out that many CEOs never take much note of the Glassdoor rankings. But Fortune, one of the most reliable sources indicate that this could mean a level of dislike by the employees.

The jury is out; the rest is to the public to decide.

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