70M American Adults Interested In Buying Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s New HomePod

70 million American have expressed interest in buying the new HomePod smart speaker from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and which is retailing at $350. According to a new survey, 33% of the entire American population has shown interested in buying the new device.

When asked to compared Apple’s new device with Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Home and, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), the number dropped to just 30%. The survey was done by Morning Consult national survey and sampled 2,200 adults. According to the survey, the well-known Apple Effect is still very popular. As a common trend, Apple always takes a very short time to dominate any new market it gets in. This was the same trend shown by smartwatches, which the company currently command 55% of the entire market.

Nearly half of Apple’s current customers base i.e. those who own an iPhone, Mac or any other product from Apple are willing to buy a HomePod according to the survey. 45% of the people surveyed showed interest, although this number goes down to 40% when asked to consider other brands. According to the research however, interest does not always translate to buying.

Of all the respondents interviewed, 57% noted that price was the main factor in making buying decisions. The new HomePod by Apple will retail at between $200-$250 more expensive compared to Google’s relatively new Home and Amazon’s very successful Echo. Amazon command a significant share of the market. According to data by Morning Consult, Amazon could be the best alternative that consumer will go for in the place of Apple.

In other interesting aspects of the research, consumers gave a list of their current expectations in a smart home speaker. In a survey by Morning Consult sought to know the features which consumers consider very important when making buying decisions for a voice-controlled assistant in their homes.

57% said they consider price, 51% consider audio or speaker quality, 49% consider accuracy of the speaker’s voice recognition, 44% consider compatibility with devices they already own at home while 30% would buy basing on access to several streaming services. 29% would buy basing on the ability of the speaker to work well with other platforms or services.

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