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Users Of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Music Will Now Pay For The Three-Month Trial

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Music is cheap but it will no longer be free. The tech giant has introduced charges for any free trial. For those in Australia, Spain, and Switzerland, a three-month trial of the Apple Music will cost them of them around 99cents. However, the new charges are not everywhere yet because the likes of UK, Canada, and the US are still riding on free trials.

The paid streaming music option

Being able to stream millions of songs from Apple’s library means full access to Apple Music. However, after the free, three-month trial content customers have always been required to pay for the service. The paid streaming music option has been available since Apple Music was launched in 2015.

The benefit in this option is that one can create as many playlists as they wish. According to Apple, which did disclose much information about the new move, prices and promotions will differ from country to country.

Apple’s intentions have so far remained unclear. Nonetheless, the charges are relatively small but there are speculations that the iPhone maker could be testing the wiliness of people having money in their iTunes account.

But Apple pays royalties on all streams

Apple’s new strategy comes at a time when access to good music is becoming more of a basic need other than a choice. This introduces a new concern as to why some countries are still being given free access while others have to pay. Should the charge not be applied across the board?

A revelation by AppleInsider outlines that Apple has been paying royalties on all streams even for the free trials. So, could it be that it is trying to pass some of these costs to its consumers?

In other news, the Cupertino giant has been having an aggressive push into royalties on all streams. Word has it that paying customers will soon have access to a handful of musician-centric documentaries. Nevertheless, being a legend of secrecy, it is hard to tell what the tech giant is up to. In the meantime, Apple’s stock closed at $153.99 witnessing an increase of $0.93 or 0.61%.

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