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HoloLens Versus ‘Windows Mixed Reality’ All From Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has made public its new line of Windows Mixed Reality development kits. This comes at a time when the world of virtual reality is dramatically growing and a time when most people are regarding virtual and augmented reality as points on a spectrum. The AR and VR’s ‘Mixed’ Reality will somewhat be an upgrade of the company’s HoloLens, which was introduced in 2015 and it remains one of the best things the tech giant ever made.

Microsoft has laid out a foundation for its grand scheme

It looks like HoloLens was just the start of Microsoft’s ambitions given that it now stubbornly adhering to mixed reality. However, it is worth noting that HoloLens was the initial device to feature in the Windows’ Mixed Reality platform. Director of Communications for Windows and Devices at Microsoft, Greg Sullivan explains that the reason for having it first was directed towards solving the more difficult problem.

Apparently, Microsoft says that it is not wrong to refer to HoloLens as AR headset. However, the two systems are capable of demonstrating different strengths. Nonetheless, the company’s aim is to have different device categories co-existing as well as interacting with each other. In any case, it could take long before there can be a device that can capture the strengths of different devices put together.

Microsoft stakes out its own buzzword

The tech giant has been echoing the need for having Windows as a single, universal platform. Hence the presence of “Windows Mixed Reality” label may just be the beginning. Having dropped the term of “augmented reality” replacing it with HoloLens, it is likely that it is also doing the same with “virtual reality”, which apparently is not having the best publicity.

Nonetheless, Microsoft says its goal is to make Mixed Reality a central part of Windows and furthermore it is through diversification that Windows succeeds. Word has it that the company is about to embrace collaboration with six manufacturers for its VR headsets as it strategizes on how to burst the market.

Meanwhile, MSFT’s stock was trading at $68.38 a decline of $0.08 or 0.12%.

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