Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) Accelerator Program To Incubate A New Batch Of Startups In India

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) has announced that it is opening its doors for a new batch of startups in its accelerator program in India with the aim of giving a push to more Indian developers.

Oracle’s startup accelerator program is located in Bengaluru and two batches of Indian startups have already gone through it successfully. The firm recently made a request calling on signups from startups in the early stages of development. It plans to welcome a new batch of startups and registration will commence on May 10. The lucky few that will make the cut will start the program in September 2017.

Oracle’s accelerator program aims to encourage Indian developers

One of Oracle’s main aim with the accelerator program is to encourage Indian developers to pursue their dreams and to push towards the creation of products and solutions in the tech sector. The company has also announced the validation of its Cloud platform for the development of applications using India Stack Services. This also aligns with the “Digital India” initiative because the validation will allow clients to develop and test the latest generation of cloud applications centered on Indian APIs.

“For India, that means creating applications that enable payments and collaboration not previously possible,” stated Amit Zavery, the senior VP of Oracle Cloud Platform.

The Oracle accelerator program thus aligns perfectly with the validation of Oracle’s cloud platform especially due to the advantage it will offer to digital startups in the country. Sanket Atal, the VP of development in Oracle India stated that the firm views startups as the heart of innovation which is why the company has a lot of faith in them. Atal also pointed out that the tech firm had the opportunity to successfully support great business ideas in the first two batches that participated in the accelerator program.

Oracle hopes to continue supporting the startup community in India as part of its overall plan to foster development and cloud innovation. The company eventually hopes to expand its startup accelerator program to other international markets.

Oracle stock closed the latest trading session on Tuesday at $45.53 after experiencing a slight increase of 0.13% compared to the value of the stock during the previous close.

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