Microchip Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:MCHP) Unveils Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller SAM R30 SiP

Microchip Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:MCHP) has moved to address growing demand for battery-powered wireless connected systems, with the launch of a new ultra-low power microcontroller. The new single-chip microcontroller dubbed SAM R30 System in Package is designed to deliver proven reliability as well as design flexibility while providing power in a compact 5mm package.

 SAM R30 System

The ultra-low microcontroller further expands Microchip technology presence in the fast-growing smart home space where demand for such technology is highly needed. The system can also be used for various industrial applications given that it combines ultra-low-power MCU with 802.15.4 known to enhance battery life for connected devices.

Built on SAM L21 MCU, the System in Package leverages Corte M0+ architecture which is the most energy efficient ARM available in the market. The new system also boasts of low power sleep modes given that it consumes a mere 500Na.

 SAM R30 design and capabilities mean developers can use it to implement point to point, star or mesh network, given that it comes with a 769, 935 MHz range.

“This SAM R30 SiP offers an excellent migration path from a discrete MCU and radio to a single-chip solution for more compact, cost-effective designs. The combination of our industry-proven connectivity technology with the high performance of the SAM L21 MCU creates a reliable, extremely low-power solution,” said, Steve Caldwell Microchip vice president of wireless solutions group.

Microchip has already unveiled a convenient USB-interfaced development board that developers can use to access the SAM R30 system. The System in Package is also currently available in two QFN packages that developers can purchase in desired volume levels.

Microchip Earnings

 The unveiling of the new Microcontroller should provide more support for Microchip Technology, microcontroller business that continues to outperform the overall industry. The segment currently accounts for more than 60% of the company’s revenues and should be the center of attention when the company posts its fourth quarter earnings on May 9, 2017.

 Microchip has been on an impressive run this year thanks to the launch of new innovative products. The stock is currently trading at highs of $75.46 a share having rallied by $0.29 in Monday trading session ahead of its earnings report.

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