Tough Times Ahead As American Airlines Group Inc (NASDAQ:AAL) Seeks To Shrink The Legroom In Its Planes

American Airlines Group Inc (NASDAQ:AAL), which is as a matter of fact the biggest carrier in the United States of America according to a number of top trusted sources will soon move ahead to make the legroom in some of its economy-class rows even smaller.

This is of course one among the numerous important decisions it has been making lately which it hopes will help it a great deal in rising through the ranks to become an industry leader as well as uplift it in terms of delivering top-notch services to a large to all its passengers.

On its new Boeing 737 Max jets, due to debut later this year, the top airline is determined do all it takes to see to it that it succeeds in decreasing the distance between some seats .The distance is as a matter of fact set to range between 31 inches to 29.

The trusted airline’s passengers will of course have to put up with the new initiative that target offering them some 30inches of legroom, or “pitch.”

While speaking to travel outlet Skift, the American Airlines spokesperson said, “The seats we’ll use on the Max are designed to maximize personal living space while allowing more comfort, even in arrangements like this where the pitch is a little tighter,”

As a matter of fact, the eventual shrinking of the legroom will move a long way towards increasing the number of seats on flights from 160 to about 170.With that clearly outlined, it is important to point out the fact that the move may have been in the works for a little while. According to the company’s insiders, Robert Isom, American’s president had in the early days of last moth foretold the announcement which he did in an earnings call.

To affirm his deeply held beliefs about the company and its latest move, the top executive outlined, “We think that we have some density issues with our narrow body fleet that we will be addressing in the coming years as well that I think will have benefits in terms of overall revenue production and also will help us from a unit cost perspective as well,”

The company is at the moment thinking about other better ways that will help generate more revenues to help it maximize its revenues. The future looks bright, but we just have to wait and see!

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