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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Launches Instant Games On Messenger For Its 1.2 Billion Monthly Users

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s 1.2 billion monthly active subscribers will now have an access to Instant Games on Messenger. Having been launched in the US in November, the new “Instant Games” feature, which has close to 50 titles to play, was exclusively exposed to the view of developers at the annual F8 conference.

As the developers start engaging in the dynamism of the new features, they will have their creativity boosted and in return create a unique experience to the users. Other than just the single-player games that players experience, the Instant Games supports turn-by-turn games. As if this is not enough, developers will have the opportunity of making game bots that keep the players engaged and motivated on game options.

Instant Games played for over 1.5 billion times in the last 90 days

Facebook confirms that Instant Games is enjoying great play and for the last 90 days, they have been played for over 1.5 billion times. The most significant thing about the updated Instant Games on Messenger is that it will be accessible to both Android and iOS users across the world. It is expected to be a platform for good conversation for people waiting for replies to their messages from their friends.

Apparently, there are all indications that the new feature is introducing competition to the popularly known app stores given the access to no-download HTML5 Instant Games. Remember the feature has all the customization including tournaments and leaderboards.

No income yet from the Instant Games platform

Facebook says that a majority of users are inclined towards the turn-based gameplay while pointing out at Zynga’s Words with Friends being one of those games that will enjoy the features. The game allows simultaneous chat and it is also well positioned to accommodate a messaging app.

Nonetheless, the Instant Games platform is yet to bring in any money given that ads and in-game purchases are still not available. Notably, Facebook has for the longest time possible declined to provide surfaces for games but this is no more having already launched a desktop gaming platform known as Gameroom.

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