This is What Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Should To Topple Play Station Empire

 The best console ever, out of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) studio, could be on its way as the tech giant looks to take on Play Station that continues to run a monopoly when it comes to gaming. The Xbox Scorpio believed to be the next generation of the Xbox product line is slated for release this holiday season paving the way for one of the fiercest battles for market share in the recent past.

 Xbox Scorpio

The Xbox team is reportedly planning to release the most powerful gaming console able to play different types of games at various quality levels. The premium video game console will be four times powerful than Xbox one and should cost a fortune according to emerging reports.

 However, that might not be enough for Microsoft which has for years struggled to topple Sony’s Play station as the apex of gaming. Its dream of rising to the top could be thwarted earlier than expected by the mere fact that the company is only promising few major exclusives. All is however not lost for the tech giant if it really wants to push Play station to the edge when it comes to competition for gamers.

 Making Xbox Scorpio Mobile

Going a step forward and making it possible for people to play Xbox games while on the go or at home docked, is something that Microsoft might have to consider if it’s serious about taking over the gaming business. The only thing that AAA fans have ever yearned is a platform that does not restrict them on how and where they get to play their favorite titles.

 Xbox One in mobile form is the last piece of the puzzle that Microsoft needs to tackle as a way of bridging the gap on Play Station at the top. Xbox Scorpio with an option that allows players to dock it in TV sets and play using a standard Xbox one gamepad should be more than enough in getting many players excited. The same would allow people to play their favorite games in tablets while on the go something that is not possible at the moment.

Making Xbox Scorpio highly mobile is the only way Microsoft can be able to live up to its slogan of ‘Play anywhere’.

Microsoft stock was unchanged in Friday trading session having risen by $0.19 to close the week at $68.46 a share.

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