Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Develops Project Owl To Settle Fake News And Problematic Content

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) acknowledges they have a problem in search quality.

Project Owl

This is a concern that has faced the company since November last year about fake news, offensive search suggestions and disturbing answers appearing first in the list of its suggestions. The company has therefore launched ‘Project Owl’ as bid to counter these issues.

It is equipped with three main actions including, a new feedback form meant for ‘Featured Snippets’ responses, a new feedback form specifically for search suggestions and formal policies outlining why the suggestions may be removed and a new emphasis on the authoritative content meant to enhance the search quality.

The problematic searches

Project Owl is the company’s internal name as it seeks to fight back on the search quality problem. Google said that they settled on the word owl for no particular reason. They added, “However, the idea of an owl as a symbol for wisdom is appropriate.” The company’s efforts hopes to direct wisdom in areas where it is sorely required.

Problematic searches is a term give to situations where the Google is dealing with consequences of post truth world. User are consistently producing content which is a reaffirmation of a specific world opinions or views regardless of the actual facts. People are increasingly searching in large volumes for urban myths, rumors derogatory topics or slurs which are impacting the search suggestions offered by Google in dangerous and offensive ways.

The problematic searches are considered as such as they cannot be classified in the clear-cut areas where the firm has taken action. Google has long settle the search spam where users attempt to manipulate the results beyond the acceptable practices to earn monetary gains.

Solving the search quality issues

Google has implemented the Autocomplete in a bid to speed up the searching process. The suggestions are usually from the popular things people search and are related to the first few characters typed.

These can sometimes reflect unsavory beliefs that users are may have or the problematic topics they are searching for. This is because they are based on what most users are looking for. Hence theyneed for Google to intervene. People came out to help with the process of solving the search quality issues which gave the company great morale as reported by Pandu Nayak, a Google fellow.

Alphabet’s stock closed at $888.84 on Tuesday after a rise $9.91 or 1.13%.

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