Technology Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Alexa Debuts A Technology To Help People With Autism To perform More On Their Own Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) has introduced Echo enabled speaker and Alexa, its voice controlled brains that allow users to order pizza and Uber.

How it works?

This technology is capable of doing more important tasks including assisting people with special things accomplish more tasks on their own.

Reports from Amazon indicate how a senior architect in Amazon Web Services, Troy Larson, used 2 software tools for a third party developer in programming a virtual assistant that is able to cue his autistic son reminders concerning requirement to use the restroom or even eat.

Lex, one of the tools, enables programmers to build speech recognition into their software. Polly, the second tool, converts the text into speech. Developers can then use them to come up with their own voice commands as well as interactions into software.

The developers provide the text or the audio so it can be used in the commands or the spoken words which the virtual assistant is able to deliver to computers. This is later adapted into many purposes including delivering customized messages to his son, who has a tendency to forget certain basics until prompted.

Alexa functions

Alexa portrays a great potential to assist autistic people. A parent described how Alexa’s timer functions were used to time cooking and other activities, to remind his son when a certain task should start and end.

In the Amazon’s blog post, it states, “He’s learned how to turn lights on and off, and start and stop music that he likes by talking with Alexa.” It adds that he has also learned how to change the volume.

Pollexy is described as a Raspberry Pi as well as a mobile-based virtual assistant for special needs that enables caretakers to schedule audio task prompts as well as messages on demand and on a recurring schedule. The caretakers can also request Amazon Echo and a mobile device to make requests for specific messages to be played immediately.

Lisa Yang, co-founder of MIT’s new Hock E. Tan and The K.Lisa Yang Center for Autism Research said that Alexa and like technologies including Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Assistant and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Cortana could assist many autistic people who are compliant as they need to interact with therapists most of their lives.

Amazon stock closed in at $901.99 on Tuesday with a rise $17.32 or 1.96%.

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