Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Débuts A New iOS Application Called Sprinkles

As the world revolves around technology, every tech firm seems to be enhancing its strategies of staying relevant to the market. This is the simple reason that has triggered the launch of a new mobile app by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) . The new Sprinkles app, which is aimed at the teen audience, is currently available only for iPhone users and it is not clear when it will be rolled out to other Android or Windows-powered Smartphones.

Though with it still has notable differences, the app is more or less a replica of Snapchat given that it allows its users to take pictures of themselves. It also features the traditional photo decorating tools the likes of stickers, emoji, and captions, which are incorporated into a new photo-editing experience.

The notable differences between Sprinklers and Snapchat

Apparently, this will not be the first time that the general public will be interacting with an experimental camera app from Microsoft. Last year, the tech firm had the Pix, a smart app, which uses machine learning to get photos right. However, it is worth highlighting the difference between Sprinklers and Snapchat. The use of artificial intelligence is remarkable because it will spice up the photos.

It takes control of any facial recognition techniques in order to put the likes of hats or mustaches in their rightful places through the use of object recognition. The ability of being able to suggest captions and stickers for a photo is an additional difference.

But what exactly is Microsoft up to with the new app?

The market has mixed speculations regarding Sprinkles, which can easily be downloaded from app store. In as much as it purely looks like it is aimed at the younger generation, it can also be tagged to Microsoft’s attempt to obtain more user data. It is also possible that it could be an entry strategy for competing with Snapchat.

Remember Microsoft is now into chatbots, which are already on various social networks the likes of Twitter.  Meanwhile, Microsoft’s stock closed at $65.73 witnessing an increase of $0.18 or 0.27%.

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