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Baidu Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:BIDU) AI Expert Resigns Just When The Company Was Trying To Recover From Revenue Losses

Baidu Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:BIDU) chief scientist, Andrew Ng, has announced that he is resigning from the Chinese Search Engine Company.

Ng leaves Baidu but still pursuing AI

Ng has been serving at Baidu for three years, leading the company in artificial intelligence as well as augment reality studies. He reported his resignation through a blog post detailing on online publishing modes. He did not indicate his next stop but he did say that he will still be involved in studies related to artificial intelligence space and in entrepreneurship.

In the blog post, he stated that he was proud to have led in the remarkable development of AI in Baidu as the principal architect. He stated further that he will continue to work in the same field of AI to bring societal change.

Previous experience

Before joining Baidu in 2014, Ng was at Stanford University as a computer science professor. He is also the founder of Google’s elite Deep Learning team. He is also one of the members of online learning start-up Coursera. Baidu started an AR lab in Beijing, which Ng fronted.

A big blow to Baidu, but they sill remain strong

Baidu was in the process of ramping up its attention on cutting edge technology to revive the decreasing profits, when Ng gave in his resignation notice. The company had also engaged the services of Qi Lu, a former top executive in Microsoft, to guide through the transformation to AI.

The company reported another drop in its quarterly revenue as indicated in last months reports. It has been adversely affected by the crackdown on healthcare advertising established by the government.

His resignation is a big blow to Baidu which had great hopes on AI under NG leadership. AI is expected to under-guard a wide range of others including driver-less cars and voice recognition.

In a post on the social media networks, Facebook and Twitter, Baidu appreciated Ng for his efforts in the company and wished him well in his new chapter. They stated that Ng had joined the company with a similar goal of enhancing life through AI. Even after his departure, the company will still pursue that goal.

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