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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Has Limited The Customization Experience For New Apple Watch Buyers

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has seen to it that new Apple Watch buyers are forced to purchase the band as a separate accessory.

Apple decreased the options available to customers

Initially Apple Watch Series 2 came as a complete package with different colors to choose from for the bands. There was rose gold, midnight woven and even pink bands. Apple has since stopped making the watches as customized as before, for instance, you can longer buy a combination of rose gold Apple Watch Series 2 with either pink or midnight woven nylon on the The options have been limited to Sport bands, Milanese loop and an ultra expensive Hermes leather band.

Loss of personalized purchases

The limited inventory was first noticed by AppleInsider and it is speculated to be related to limited demand for certain combinations of the case and the band. Apple Watch was best known for its personalization and the ability to choose the right finish as well as the band type straight from the box.

These traits played a great role towards its success in making the purchase decision more personal. The band options have been narrowed down to just four Sport band colors which include, blue, white, black and pink.

The watch options include the new 38mm and the 42mm Series 2 Watches and only one Milanese loop silver option.

The only option, the customer ha is too with match the stainless Apple Watch with a Hermis leather band but the cost is ridiculously high going for around $1149.

Apple launches a variety of color options for accessories

Apple recently launched new watch bands in a range of different colors and styles. Accessories are great revenues generators and with the launch, Apple expects to lure people into acquire one. This introduction explains why Apple decided to simplify the combinations it stocks.

It wanted to make revenue out the accessories. It is rather unfortunate that new people acquiring the Apple Watch will have a limited customization scope. They will be left with the only option of parting with extra cash to purchase an accessory from the recent launch by Apple. The Apple Watch lost its initial goal of bringing customized services to its users.

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