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Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP) Going Political Again To Cover Donald Trump

Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP) is going political again.  The former renowned Snapchat is bringing back the political show “Good Luck America”.

Launching the political show

The show was launched in January 2016 featuring former CNN political news reporter, Peter Hamby. Hamby took viewers through the presidential campaign mainly featuring Donald Trump. Now Trump is the president the mobile story telling app seems interested in the politics even after claiming to be more of a camera company rather than a media company.

The comeback of the political show

Snap Inc. is worth around $25 billion following their initial public offering earlier on last week. It announced the comeback of Hamby’s politics show on Wednesday. The mission behind the show is to help its subscribers make sense of the rather weird political era in America. The show is available to Snapchat users in Canada, U.S., U.K. and Australia.

The political show is a bait to attract more users

During the first episode the show had an impressive number of followers going over 22 million. This was a huge number for a political show. In this season Hamby traveled to various political arenas. He also interviewed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He displayed to the excited viewers featuring prominent people in the political field. He explained the politics in the lay man terms. Snap is hopeful that the show will attract many followers. This way they will be able to sell more ads.

Analysts view on Snapchat’s future

Snap’s IPO was welcomes with a lot of enthusiasm. However, stock analysts remain skeptical about the company’s future. They are concerned that the youth hardly pay any attention to the advertisements hence its future as an advertising agent is questionable. The other concern is that the service has duplicated many of Instagram features and may lose momentum to Instagram.

Diverted attention from a potential growth

Snapchat had once showed great potential as a crowd sourced news site. They used user-generated video clips featuring stories around the world. It made this possible by use of geographically based filtering technology. The company has however decided otherwise. It has diverted all of its attention to pursue the multi-billion dollar IPO.

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