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Drones Will Help Turn Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s Autonomous Van Into A Delivery Vehicle

Last year, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) categorically expressed its interest in venturing into the production of self-driving cars. The automaker’s goal is to accomplish this interest by the year 2021 and particularly in Michigan. However, it has another vision, which will involve shipping of goods across cities using automated vans and drones.

The new drone self-driving van concept was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company explained that ease congestion on busy roads besides facilitating quick deliveries.  The use of drones is another of Ford’s milestones but it also illustrates how quickly the mobility world is growing.

Apparently, a drone-launched package delivery system test has already been carried out in Florida.

The Autolivery project is the brainchild of a team of Ford employees

For a while now, the company’s employees have been visualizing on how they can make the last part of deliveries easier but comprehensive.  They have been particularly keen on the last fifteen meters of goods delivery, which is apparently the most delicate in the whole process and is christened the ‘kerb to door’ problem. Nonetheless, after lots of brainstorming, the van-drone concept was born.

The concept, which was developed as part of Ford’s ‘City of Tomorrow’ scheme is applicable to virtually all sorts of goods. It can be used even on the very delicate ones the likes of medical supplies.

The Autolivery project is the brainchild of a team of Ford employees

Speaking at the MWC display, “Ford’s Vice President of research and advanced engineering stated,   ‘Ford has at its heart a culture of disruption and innovation designed to come up with solutions that put people first, to save them time, money and aggravation.”

But there are other companies seeking for solutions to the ‘kerb to door’ issue

Overcoming mobility challenges in urban environments is one of the innovations that is of interest to many companies. Ford has always been providing its employees with opportunities to come up with innovation models. However, Amazon has also tested its delivery drones using its first Amazon Prime Air delivery. Clearly, there is hope in putting the ‘kerb to door’ issue to rest.

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