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GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO)’s Karma Drone Crashes Into A Window Of The East River High-Rise

On Saturday afternoon Manhattan was thrown aback by the crash of a drone belonging to GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO). The hobby craft crashed through a 27th-floor window of the East River high-rise, landing just a foot away from a resident who was her living room. The 66-year-old woman was enjoying a quiet evening while working on her computer.

The crash was also witnessed by Stephanie Bowden, 23 who was at her boyfriend’s apartment 11 floors below. However, there were no injuries reported by the old woman must have been very traumatized.

Investigations into the crash of the 1-by-1-foot device are underway

Sources indicate that the police have already rolled out investigations into the crash. They will be seeking to identify the owner of the remote-controlled 2.2-pound drone as well as its source.  Of important will be establishing if the device is registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

It is illegal to fly drones in New York and if it must be, it has to be within the designated public recreation areas the likes of Queens, Staten Island or Brooklyn. However, the recreational drones must weigh between .55 and 55 pounds. Figuring out where the drone will not necessarily be a major task because the police can use the serial number.

GoPro’s Karma drone has had a bit of a troubled history

GoPro’s Karma drone was introduced last year for the first time. However, it has already had enough of a questionable past.  It all began by being recalled one month after it went on sale due to what was described as a faulty battery latch.

GoPro's Karma drone has had a bit of a troubled history

Three months into the market, the Karma drone was put on sale, a scenario that is raising so many questions especially among the shareholders. These mishaps have caused the company enormous losses in its fourth quarter, which are in the tune of $115.7 million. They have also led to the questioning of the viability of other products in GoPro’s portfolio.

Nonetheless, neither GoPro nor the 66-year-old victim of the strange accident has commented. In the meantime, GoPro’s stock closed at $9.66 witnessing an increase of $0.23 or 2.44%.

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