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We Are Setting Footprints In Seattle For Artificial Intelligence Technologies: Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Says

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s new spaceship-like campus is ready for occupation as from April. However, the company will not just resign to the fate of comfort of the new achievement. It is now moving its workforce into Seattle, the objective being the expansion of its engineering operations.

The iPhone maker has also confirmed that it is establishing a base in the same location for the development of future artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Apparently, Apple’s new operations will not far away from its competitors;, Inc.(NASDAQ:AMZN) and Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT).  However, reliable sources have revealed that in its greater interest in AI, the company is touting for other connections particularly with the University of Washington (UW).

But the Cupertino giant’s push in the realm of AI isn’t so much of a surprise

Other than being a surprise, Apple’s expansion in Seattle is part of a larger growth of artificial intelligence activities. Some of its rivals the likes of Amazon and Google are already working on various capabilities of AI. In fact, the two have launched their house assistants. Hence it can only be concluded that the iPhone maker is rather late with its new move.

However, the company will still not relent. Apple director of machine learning, Carlos Guestrin outlines, “We’re trying to find the best people who are excited about AI and machine learning — excited about research and thinking long term but also bringing those ideas into products that impact and delight our customers.”

Guestrin admits that the bar is high but also confirms that they willingness to hold onto it. He claims that Seattle has a greater market. Surprisingly, UW’s computer science professor, Ed Lazowska has embraced Apple’s idea citing that it one of the great American tech companies.

Apple is notoriously secretive about its product development pipeline

The tech giant is a well-known legend in regards to keeping its secrets intact. For example, it is likely that it has silently been working on its machine learning and AI wing. On the other hand, it has envied access to pictures inside the office because no one was allowed to go beyond the lobby.

The company is not just looking at the present day as Guestrin. It is looking at having AI at the core of every operation. The group is doing long-term research equating it with 10 years to come. Nonetheless, it is still paying attention to the near-term and upcoming Apple products. Meanwhile, Apple’s stock closed at $136.66 witnessing an increase of $0.13 or 0.10%.

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