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Searching For Illegal Sites And Content Will Become More Difficult: Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google And Bing Declare

It will no longer be easy for a majority of internet users to search or stream illegal content thanks to Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google and Bing. Having signed a voluntary code of practice, the two will endeavor to crack down on online piracy. The code is the first of its kind in the UK and according to the duo; it will hasten the downgrading of illegal sites.

More often people end up searching for that pirated content and this is what Google and Bing are seeking to halt. The Director General at the Alliance for Intellectual Property, Eddy Leviten quotes, “What we want to ensure is that the results at the top of the search engines are the genuine ones.”

Anyone who searches for content will be taken to authentic providers rather than pirate site

Everyone must have encountered some pirated content or site. Apparently, we will still run to the internet to download music videos, digital books and stream football coverage oblivious of the risks involved.  However, the code of practice dictates that such activities by anyone will lead them to the authentic providers of the content and not to pirate sites.

Leviten ascertains that this will not only protect the people using the internet but also the creators of that material. A report by BBC says that Google feels it has what it takes to accomplish this without necessarily having to alter any policy.

The code will run in parallel with existing anti-piracy measures

The code has not been made public but there are speculations that it will be rolled out in the summer. It will be incorporated in the current anti-piracy measures, which have a similar objective.

While many may feel barred from accessing the internet at will, Google and Bing’s efforts have been applauded the representative body for UK record labels, BPI. The body’s chief executive Geoff Taylor cites the parties’ willingness to work together as an indication of their desire to improve the current situation.

Meanwhile, Alphabet’ stock was trading at $49.27 an increase of $2.72 or $0.32%

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