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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Is Introducing A New Feature For Its Users: Video View Counts

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) users may soon start getting to know the popularity of their latest Twitter video. The micro-blogging site is about to throw in a surprise of a feature that will show its user their video view counts on their feed. Apparently, there are some users who have already begun seeing their view counts, which Mashable says is appearing next to usual timer.  However, millions of many others can’t still tell how many times their latest selfie video has been watched.

In recent years, Twitter has used its video platform to attract ad dollars. The last week of 2016 had a debut of live viewing of an interactive 360-degree video. Nonetheless, things seem to be taking a different turn this year with a few more ambitious initiatives in video setting in.

The new feature will help us sample the best content: A Twitter spokesperson says

Twitter is currently carrying out various experimentations all in an effort of obtaining the best ways to rank popular content. Speaking to Mashable on email, a Twitter spokesperson stated, “As video consumption continues to increase on Twitter, we are constantly experimenting with ways to provide a rich video experience. View counts provide helpful context on the popularity of a video, and we are exploring this feature to help surface the best content.”

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In the past, at least two or three seconds viewing of a video was considered a good measure. However, it is still not known what will count as an incredible video view.

Twitter has additional future plans

Twitter’s first live stream partnership was the 2016 Melbourne Cup. Word has it that it recently got a deal with European broadcaster Sky Sports for live streaming coverage of “Deadline Day.” Nevertheless, along with video, there is much more behind the scenes. The company has been criticized for the longest time possible for harassment and hate crimes.

It is now seeking for measures to prevent serial abusers from creating new accounts that end up as breeding zones for abuse. The spokesperson says that they are approaching the issue with a “sense of urgency” to enhance the safety of users.   While some changes will take immediate effect, others will be targeting specific circumstances. Meanwhile, Twitter’s stock closed at $17.45 witnessing an increase of $0.21 or 1.22%.

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