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Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Instagram User Base Have Grown To A Whopping 100 Million

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Instagram, one of the most popular picture-feed social-media platforms, was already huge when it tallied in its user database. However, according to executives, the social-media platform has seen a whopping 100 million user increase in just over several months.

This was originally announced by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, when the company released the documents, relating to the fourth fiscal report on revenue-based operations. Although, it was not announced with as much enthusiasm by Zuckerberg, to which would be expected.

The success story of Instagram

Despite modern-day social media rising to the challenge of capturing users. Instagram seems to remain out of the reach of similarly styled competitors, such as Snapchat. This is despite the reports of reduction in organic engagement, across the platform.

The success story of Instagram

However, there is not much surprise towards the rapidly growing social-media platform. The platform has been excelling in terms of organic user base since it was first released. However, new features are receiving the same success stories as the platform witnessed upon its original release.

The latest update, which is called Instagram Stories, Is one such innovation that the company has released in order to stay on top in the competitive market. Despite the similarity of this feature, to that of their rival, Snapchat, the company reported over 150 million views on Instagram Stories per day.

How Instagram stays ahead of its overhead costs

In addition to this, in order to better enhance the revenue that the platform is capable of pulling for Facebook, recently a new nifty feature was added to the adverts, which are displayed between Instagram Stories.

This feature, essentially allows users to skip various promoted adverts, which are run by the company’s platform. This was done in collaboration with select brands, that the company found is a good match for the theme of their platform.

Furthermore, despite the whopping 400 million user report, which is only a mere 2-years since the platform was released. Instagram also reported that over 5 million users are making use of the business profile feature on the platform.

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