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Bad News To The Loyalists Of Club Penguin From Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS): It Is soon Shutting Down

Walt Disney Co’s (NYSE:DIS) kid-friendly social network Club Penguin is going away. This is according to its developers who have confirmed the shutdown, which is said to be just around the corner.   The 11-year-old Club Penguin was launched in 2005 before being bought by Disney two years later at a cost of at $700 million. At the time of its purchase it had over 12 million users but by 2013 the number was reading 200 million. The site quickly became a favorite for kids from where they would play games and chat online.

Bad News To The Loyalists Of Club Penguin From Walt Disney Co

The site has had a tremendous turnaround. However, at the end of March, all this will go away and the Club Penguin Island will set in with a new experience on March 29th.  The new entrant has been in development over the past several years and will now be expected to carry along the same philosophy that its predecessor had. It has updated its features games and quests of engagement.

Players won’t be able to bring their memberships to the new version

The shutdown of the Club Penguin is bittersweet to a certain generation that has grown with computers and the internet. A majority of them have enhanced their online socialization skills through Club Penguin’s virtual world. At the same time, neither the player’s memberships nor their virtual items will find their way into the new version of the game. However, there are pre-registrations for Club Penguin Island.

Meanwhile,  a statement from Club Penguin’s creators reads, “We are deeply grateful for your time and enthusiasm since the beginning, and we’d like to thank each and every one of you in the Club Penguin community – we can’t wait for you to see what’s coming next.”

But there are also so many apps vying for kids’ attention

The new site, Club Penguin Island is purely seeking to recapture kids’ interest and has played a significant role in the development of other fun sites. However, it must match competition from the likes of YouTube, Nickelodeon’s properties, PBS Kids and many other app stores that are all cashing in diverting kids’ attention.

Meanwhile, Disney’s stock was trading at $111.66 witnessing an increase of $1.01 or 0.91%.

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