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Authentic Content Will Get Higher Ranking On Facebook Inc’s (NASDAQ:FB) News Feed

In an effort to clean up its site from spam and clickbait Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is updating its News Feed algorithm. In August of last year, the social network developed its own take on a click-bait targeting system. However, the process of content cleanup had begun in earnest in 2014.  All this was in an effort to tackle the issue of fake news, which was becoming a thorn in the flesh.

The algorithm has received an enhancement thanks to the addition of signals, which will help in the establishment of genuine posts from different people and pages. The hiding of posts by publishers is one of the many ways that Facebook gets to identify misleading items.

Authentic content will rank higher in your feed

There are those things that the social network is already ranking higher; those that are being referred to as newsworthy. They are perhaps of more interest to a majority of users hence they will have more participation in terms of comments, shares, likes and reactions.  Time has come when every platform has to defend its services. Furthermore, competition is rife.

Authentic content will rank higher in your feed

Nonetheless, what will be considered authentic will rank higher on the News Feed. However, there may not be much change because, in its blog post, Facebook says, “We anticipate that most Pages won’t see any significant changes to their distribution in News Feed. Some Pages might see a small increase in referral traffic or outbound clicks, and some Pages might see minor decreases”

But pages should continue posting relevant stories: Facebook says

Despite the lack of significant changes, Facebook still emphasizes the need for posting only that which is relevant to the audience. Apparently, the new move by Facebook is quickly becoming a topic of discussion from users of the network. There are speculations of having an addition of real-time signals, which will help in spotting appropriate trends. Events posts are likely to be shown higher up in the News Feed as a result of the chatter amount.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s stock closed at $132.29 an increase of $1.97 or 1.51%.

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