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Get the Right Productivity Apps With An Upgraded G Suite From Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google is embracing a new strategy that is expected to enhance its G Suite which comprises of Gmail, word processing, spreadsheets and a couple of other presentation modules.  To sustain competition with Microsoft Office, the tech firm will be incorporating new controls and tools. G Suite administrators will have more control of security enforcement keys and a number of other new security features the likes of data loss prevention (DLP) for Google Drive and Gmail.

According to Google, the changes are expected to give more confidence to the companies that are already using G Suite. Apparently, the business applications have been in common use with startups and small companies. However, this is no longer the case because even bigger companies are now making headway into using them.

Let’s explore Google’s extension of Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The technology is classical and it’s already enabled for Gmail but will also be extending it to Google Drive storage. Theoretically, this is expected to control the sharing or downloading of sensitive data. The system scan content with a keen look at the data formats with an aim to flag off the unnecessary one. However, this will only be accomplished if the administrator sets the correct rules. DLP also scrutinizes the outgoing emails and will hold back any that has sensitive data.

Let’s explore Google’s extension of Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Apart from DLP, which Google first brought to Gmail in 2015, the company will also be adding optical character recognition (OCR). This will enable customers to implement policies on image assets.

The focus is to deter enterprises from hosting their own services or work with other providers

Revamping of G Suite by Google is a strategic move to have enterprises turn to them to host their services. Remember the company is also introducing BigQuery, which will make searching of Gmail logs much easier.  Nonetheless, the likes of online payments service Stripe are already making use of the new feature in protecting phishing attempts from its employees.

Meanwhile, Alphabet’s stock closed at $820.19 a decline of $3.64 or 0.44%.

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