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Expect A Security Upgrade On Your Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Account Through A New Security Tool

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)  has finally come to grips, with the consumer frustration of when an account is not accessible, which is normally due to said user misplacing their passwords for their accounts. Not only does Facebook recognise the inconvenience that this poses, but the social-media giant has also announced that they will be bringing out a tool, which is designed to make the process of accessing your account simpler.

Expect A Security Upgrade On Your Facebook Inc.

This was first announced at the USENIX Enigma Conference, which took place on Monday afternoon. The tool in question, responsible for this, is called Delegated Recovery and was first announced by the security engineer of Facebook, Brad Hill.

The new tool and how it can aid you

The ideology behind the new tool is to enable users to easily re-log back into accounts, which there have been problems with, regarding the authenticity requirements when logging in, such as a user’s passwords.

In a brief statement, Hill stated, “Facebook will let users set up an encrypted token for sites, like GitHub, and if a user ever loses access to their GitHub account, they will be able to send the stored token from their Facebook account back to the platform in question. This will prove their identity, and unlock the account.”

In the same statement, Hill went on to explain that users do not have to be worried about the integrity of the data. Facebook is unable to read any of the information, which is stored in said tokens, and therefore the data remains secure on Facebook’s platform.

When will this feature become available to users

The company further announced, that there will not be a long waiting period for those who are eager to use this new tool. According to various reports, it is indeed expected that the company will release this new tool on their social-media platform this coming Tuesday.

This is an innovative move on the social-media giant, as not only does it show that the company is working diligently on making users lives easier on their own platform, but across the entirety of the web spectrum as well.

Facebook stock closed Wednesday’s trading session on $130.32, after falling down by $0.66 or 0.50%

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