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Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Is Lending A Helping Hand To A Health Care Solution In India

Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is seemingly becoming interesting in lending a helping hand, at least where health solutions is involved. It was recently announced that the company had reached out to the Indian government, with the Indian health solutions at the forefront of their requests.

According to those familiar with the matter, if Google’s appeal to aid in the health solutions throughout India comes to bear fruit, the company will proceed to aid the government through providing various tools, and tech-solutions to help in the processing of health solutions throughout the country.

How will Google aid India in the Health Solutions sector

According to the information, which was disclosed by the tech giant itself, there are a variety of forms, to which Google would be willing to aid the Indian government when it comes to improving healthcare solutions throughout the country.

Some of the solutions, which were listed in the appeal from the company, included tech-side support, which would play an instrumental role in the process of collecting and analysing various date more efficiently.

Alphabet Inc

However, this is not where Google plans to stop helping. In addition to this, the company announced a few other ideas, to which it thought it would be capable of aiding the government. Some of these solutions include replacing age-old paperwork recordings, with that of an application for more efficient data manipulation.

Google would also proceed to aid the government, through providing programs, which are better suited to track, analyse, maintain, and share health-related data.

Google explains the company’s new found interest in the healthcare solutions sector of India

The company, allegedly, reported the following according to a source, who wishes to remain anonymous, “Google wants to develop an app for [these workers] to save time, as well as to motivate them by letting them know that their reports are being acted on.

The government, also stated that currently, the systems they have in place are capable of collecting and analysing data. However, with the help of Google, they will be able to make this data not only shareable but also drastically change the efficiency, to which the data is processed.

Google stock closed Wednesday’s trading session at $820.19, after witnessing a decline of $3.64 or 0.44%

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