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Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) May Be The New Generation Application For ISIS Activity As Man Pleads Guilty To Aiding The Terrorist Organisation

Twitter was the platform used for ISIS intelligence gathering on Monday. This was confirmed when a Pennsylvania man, who is at the age of 20, pleaded guilty to sharing over 100 U.S military members online, and coercing Twitter followers, to kill said members named.

The man in question is Jalil Aziz, who has been sentenced to 25-years in prison. This is due to his plea guilty in two cases of terrorism, both of which, were taken to the judge at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Further Islamic cases discovered recently

This man is not the first, nor the last to have a case or tie in with Islamic extremists, such as the ISIS terrorist group. In the previous two years alone, United States authorities have been responsible for apprehending over 100-individuals with ties to terrorism, or similar crimes.

This is not the first time that Aziz has been arrested. In addition to this, the man was apprehended in December 2015. The reason behind his jailing was due to aid citizens the ability to travel to the Middle East, in order to fight for Islamic State.

Prior to this case, the most recent arrest made by officials, was the arrest of an Arizona-based citizen. This man was also found guilty at trial on Monday. His case was that of aiding a college student, who lived in New York City travel to Syria, where she died fighting for an Islamic state.

 More details about the case against Aziz

The most recent case against Aziz however, is pretty solid, with evidence collected from his possessions, which indicate harmful intentions. Included in the evidence, was a ‘go bag’, which allegedly contained ammunition, a knife, as well as a black mask.

According to the prosecutors, who served against Aziz, in the tweet Aziz stated, “Kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes,  stab them to death as they walk on the street thinking they are safe.”

Twitter stock closed on Monday at $16.94, after rising by $0.37 or 2.23%

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