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Brazil Country Manager Is Being Sought Out By Social Media Giant Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)

Following the announcement that the companies former Brazil Country Manager, Marcos Angelini is stepping down from his position, which was announced earlier this month. The social-media giant has announced that they are currently on the search for a new talented individual to take up the position.

According to various news reports in Brazil, the decision made by Angelini was based on personal matters, and he gave in his resignation papers, shortly after returning home from a holiday, last week.

Potential Variables That Facebook Will Be Considering For Future Candidates

The social-media giant has not been overly open about what they are looking for in various individuals who apply for the position of Country Manager, in Brazil. However, following the traits, which the company announced It was satisfied with upon the hiring of Angelini, it can be surmised that a few of the same qualities will be expected in any future candidates for the position.

One of the main characteristics, which is sure to be in Facebook’s line of sight, is experience when it comes to sales and marketing. This was one of the key features of Facebook’s appointment of Angelini as the company believed that he could have an impact on the companies Facebook, and Instagram platforms.

The Latin American Head for Facebook, Diego Dzodan said the following, upon the release of Angelini from his position, “We’d like to thank Marcos for his contribution to the business and wish him luck in future endeavors. We remain focused on adding value and delivering real business results to our clients and have already started the search for a new leader in Brazil.”

Where Angelini is heading on his path away from the social-media giant

According to various remarks made by those familiar with the matter, it has been revealed that the former Country Manager will be striking up a new path with a social-networking website, which goes by the name of Unilever.

This is a workplace, where Angelini has already served as the Vice President for Home Care Products in Latin America. He served this position ending May last year. Therefore, he has experience with the new entity.

Facebook stock closed at $130.98, after witnessing a decline of $1.20 or 0.91%

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