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The Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) MacBook Pro Touch Bar Is Banned From The Exam Rooms Of North Carolina

One of the key features on the latest Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) devices have been prohibited from exams for Law students, in North Carolina. Students have been informed that prior to entering the exam room, they are required to disable the touch bar for their Apple MacBook Pro models.

Furthermore, it was also established that once in the exam room, all students will be requested to ask for a technician, or fellow proctor ensure that their device has been disabled, regarding the MacBook Pro feature.

The reason behind the barring of the MacBook Pro TouchPad

Although, further details regarding the ban of MacBook Pro touchpads in bar exams have not been established by the school. It is safe to assume that the reason behind this new exam legislature, is to infer the possibility of cheating throughout key exams.

The reason behind the barring of the MacBook Pro TouchPad

The touch bar itself, will not be able to provide cheating material, as it is designed to replace physical function keys, with more useful shortcut keys. However, it has been made possible, with a programmer’s help, to ensure that answers are displayed on the touch bar area.

Furthermore, it has been made aware, regardless of the practicality that various games can indeed be configured to run on the touch bar area, even including the likes of Doom. Although this may not be practical to play, it can still provide a distraction not only to the individual but also to the peers around them.

Consequences of removing this technology and statements regarding the new exam rules

However, at the same time that it is true, removing the risk of cheating is essential, certainly more so in exams such as the Bar exam. It can also limit the use of the laptop, causing exam partakers to take more time in their work. This is because, without the touch bar they will be forced to take longer methods, in order to do the same tasks, which were present on the previously enabled touch bar.

However, the examiners were helpful in aiding students to disable this feature, through releasing instructions, which stated, “The feature can be disabled by going into the keyboard menu under System Preferences, Clicking the drop-down for ‘Touch Bar Shows’, then picking the Expanded Control Strip.”

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