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Big Up To Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google And Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) For Their Collaboration To Speed Up Web Browsing

An efficient browser will not only drain a device’s battery, but it can also easily cause clog storage.  These are some of the concerns that Facebook Inc’s (NASDAQ:FB) cooperation with browser vendors Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have been seeking to solve in an effort to enhance its browser’s performance. This comes at a time when many browser makers are paying little or no attention to increasing speed for loading websites. Apparently, close to 20 page views on Chrome are as a result of reloading, which explains the need for a speedup.

According to Google’s senior software engineer Takashi Toyoshima, the likes of page validation requests between browsers and web servers are a risk to devices.  The change of websites is a greater risk, but Toyoshima says, “We hope this faster reload will come in handy whenever you want to get the latest content on your favorite website or quickly recover from a flaky connection in the subway.”

Browser makers and web developers often communicate

Making browsers faster should perhaps be a never-ending job given that millions of people spend their day browsing for all sorts of things. Thousands of them are also doing online transactions. It is a norm for browser makers and web developers to communicate but the Facebook’s latest teamwork with other tech giants is somewhat unique. It expected to result into new standards of technology. It’s a big up for Google and Facebook because faster page-load times means people can do much more on the internet.

Other developers are adopting the feature

Google and Facebook’s teamwork seems to have opened the eyes of many other developers. This is according to the principal engineer at Mozilla Firefox Patrick McManus who says that the change cut page reloading times in half. Another is BBC, which has also revealed that page refresh times have improved by 50%.  The new refinements are plus because browsers don’t need to waste resources trying to download stuff again and again. Meanwhile, Alphabets stock closed at $845.03 a fall of $11.95 or1.39% while Facebook was trading at $132.18 a decline of $0.60 or 0.45%

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