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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Files A Patent For Vaporizer

The USPTO released a patent application by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) that details an unusual vaporizer technology. The application, filed last year, depicts plans for a setup that can control temperature to release heat from an element within a canister. It can even keep air out of the space of the material being vaporized.

Is iVape around the corner?

That little nugget of data might lead market to consider that Apple is innovating some kind of iVape, but it is too early to reach that conclusion. The patent submission doesn’t note anything about what material the device is intended to be used with, or if it’s a standalone offering planned intended for recreational application. The filing fails to mention a human end user.

So while an e-cigarette can be in the horizon, a vaporizer could indicate a number of things, such as an air freshener! What is known so far is that Apple is working on some type of car technology, and therefore this patent could be part of that. Even automaker Mercedes-Benz has sought custom automotive scent for the automobile, possibly an Apple smellorator can be the preference. Or maybe it’s an attempt to make all stores of Apple smell the same.

Recent know-how has also made it feasible to create interactive holograms utilizing vapor. There also exists a smartphone that users can smoke. The point is, it can take long before it is known that what Apple is trying to get with this patent. After all, the firm also has patents for few other wacky technologies such as a translucent phone, a paper bag and an iPad cover with a supple display. In any case, an iVape can turn to the most interesting offering, but for now it’s only speculation period.

After hitting a session high of $122.35, Apple traded up 0.01% at $121.95, giving the firm a market capitalization of $640.03 billion.

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