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Free Hulu Option By T-Mobile US Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) To Rival AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) Users With DirectTV

T-Mobile US Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) continues to push against its competitors, through offering absurd specials, which are aimed to attract customers away from that of the competitor’s customer base. The latest proof of this comes in the form of the free Hulu special that the company is offering.

This is a move, directly against one of T-Mobile’s largest competitor, which is AT&T Inc (NYSE:T). The deal is specifically orientated to users who make use of AT&T’s DirectTV as an entertainment platform.

Eligibility Criteria For The Free Hulu Discount And What It Entails

Much to the dismay of AT&T, T-Mobile is offering all users, who switch up from AT&T to themselves, not only a free year of DirectTV but also a free year of Hulu. This is extreme, for any entertainment giant, considering the duration of the deal.

T-Mobile US Inc

However, the fact that customers are privy to a free year of DirectTV, if they switch from AT&T to T-Mobile is rather strange, as the DirectTV platform is operated by their rival AT&T, however, T-Mobile is known for being unique in the specials to which the company offers to its customers.

To better attract customers, T-Mobile also released a statement, relating to the DirectTV platform, in this statement, a company spokesman, stated, “The problem with the DirectTV platform is that it is known for being sluggish, buggy, and sometimes broken.”

How much money will this save potential customers who switch from the rival to T-Mobile

However, as absurd as this special, being offered by T-Mobile may be, it is no hidden fact, that this special is simply to economic, to completely ignore. Considering the price range of both Hulu, and DirectTV subscriptions, potential customers, will be eligible to save a substantial sum of money from the special.

T-Mobile stock closed on Thursday at $63.37, after rising by $2.63 or 4.33%

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