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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Woos Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s Tech Wiz

Xiaomi will miss the services of Hugo Barra, after Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) managed to woo the tech wiz. Xiaomi is one of China’s top smartphone manufacturers and what will happen to the company in terms of virtual reality development is something we just have to wait and see after the head’s departure from the company.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg supported the move to pull in the services of Hugo Barra and was delighted as he made the announcement. The CEO expressed great optimism that the move would see Facebook’s virtual reality jump to new heights.

Why settle for Hugo Barra?

There is no doubt that Hugo is one of the finest brains worldwide and that can be judged from the good work he has done over the years. It caused a great stir for instance after he bid Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google goodbye to be the new vice president at Xiaomi.

Why settle for Hugo Barra?

At the moment this company was welcoming his services, it was marginally known and wasn’t doing as good as it is doing today. It was the way he managed the company’s international activities that helped propel it to the great heights it has reached today.

Hugo Barra may have more to do for Zuckerberg

Facebook has spent about $2 Billion in the acquisition of Oculus. That was three years back but this shouldn’t be seen as unfruitful since Zuckerberg sees virtual reality as the perfect move to take Facebook to greater heights.

As a matter of fact, getting virtual reality moving at a top pace is something that is quite demanding. However, Facebook’s CEO is still willing to invest $3 billion more towards boosting content as well as towards overseeing development in the sector. This inspires much hope that indeed virtual reality will take off in good fashion.

Facebook is known to perform quite well when it comes to accumulating profits from mobile advertising. However, some stones still need to be unturned considering the virtual reality headsets are expensive and that high quality computers must be in place to provide them with support.

Developers are still a little shy to invest their resources into the manufacturing of breakout applications such as video games. They have fears on investing in a market which they dub as uncertain. This of course weighs down Facebook’s efforts. However, with Hugo Barra’s services, there is a glimmer of hope that some important developments might take place.

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