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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Will Soon Be Introducing A New Advertisement System On Its Social Messaging Application

Despite the well-known fact that many users on a global scale despite advertisements, the social-media giant Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) announced that they would be running platform tests, on the integration of advertisements, into a popular social messaging application, Messenger.

However, as the company is currently only in the testing phase, to establish the viability of the advertisement on Messenger idea, the company illustrated that during this testing phase, only a select group of users based in both Thailand and Australia will have the advertisement experience.

More details about Facebook advertisements on Messenger

It seems, that Facebook is partially aware of some of the pain, which advertisements can cause users. The company calmed the throngs of users who hate adverts, by explaining that they have designed the adverts to be placed in such a way, that they are easy to access, yet not intrusive.

Facebook Inc

It was also illustrated, like on the main social media platform of Facebook that users will have a partial degree of control over the content of advertisements that are shown on their application. If select users do not like a certain type of advert, they will be able to use the filters, to remove said content from the list.

Facebook answered many questions, through a statement in their blog, “We believe this new test for the very small group of people in Thailand and Australia reflects a lightweight, relevant, and useful approach to helping people and businesses connect on Messenger.”

How the Messenger advertisements work

Allegedly, according to various information, which the social-media giant has released on the matter, the advert location will not hinder the user’s experience, as they are somewhat out of the way. It was illustrated that below the recent conversations, where a user would normally get personalised messages from Facebook, that will be the location of the new adverts.

Furthermore, for convenience, the adverts will not be over-sized videos, and all those other annoying adverts that can frustrate users, but instead it will be in a newsfeed business style format, to which the user will be able to surf the ads, by making use of the swipeable interface.

Facebook stock closed the Tuesday trading session at $131.48, after rising by $2.11 or 1.63%

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