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Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) Digital Comics Will Debut In February

For the first time ever, Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) has orchestrated it, so that well-known Disney Comic book titles, will become available digitally, for use over smartphones, tablets and similar devices.

The array of comic books will be substantial to start, however, Disney did state that depending on the success of the venture, the company would work on getting more digitally published comic books out. The titles currently available, all previously were unavailable digitally.

More details about the comics that will be available digitally

Comic book lovers understand how difficult it can be to not only acquire rare comic books, but also the struggle of maintaining a pristine collection. However, with this new move, comic book collections will become second nature, for enthusiasts.

A vast variety of comic books were listed under the first-released comic book titles. However, to name a few of the popular ones, a reader can delve into the world of Donald And Mickey: The Magic Kingdom Collection, or Walt Disney Comics And Stories #721-736.

Although these are only two of the premier titles which Disney will be releasing digitally, there is a host of others. According to the listing, which was supplied by the media giant itself, there will be over 17 titles available, with a number of comic editions per title.

Executive comments on the new Disney comic book initiative

The publishing firm, which is responsible for ensuring top-notch digital copies of Disney classic comic books, is IDW publishing.

Executive comments on the new Disney comic book initiative

When questioned on this initiative, Rebekah Cahalin, stated, “I’m thrilled to be a part of bringing IDW’s line of Disney comics to digital. The fan demand has run high for some time and we’re very excited to bring these titles to the passionate Disney fans who love these comics as much as we do.”

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