Paid Search May Be The Next Big Thing For, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Alexa

During the Industry Preview, which took place last week, it was disclosed that, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) would be launching a paid search product, in order to expand its current platform and better position the company’s position of relevance when it comes to voice searching functions.

This is considered a wise move, by various critics, due to the abundance of success that paid search is privy to on mobile devices, as well as on computers. Many who are familiar claim that this was the next logical step for the e-commerce giant.

The impact that this project may have on Amazon

It is already no secret that Amazon Alexa projects, such as Amazon Echo, and Amazon Dot, have been steadily growing in terms of popularity. Therefore, through Amazon introducing the potential of voice controlled systems, into the current Alexa projects platform, it is believed that consumer interest will skyrocket.

Competitors may be disheartened at the news of Amazon Voice, however, various start-ups may gain a lot of knowledge, as Amazon paves a path for them, competitors, such as Alphabet Inc (NADAQ:GOOGL) have been searching for ways to monotonize their voice search features, ever since the company released it.

The success of Amazon devices before voice search

Following market analytics, and the current capabilities of Alexa projects, it is clear that the market is primed for the release of more diverse Voice features. This is further emphasized by the record-breaking sales of Echo devices in the recent year.

The success of Amazon devices before voice search

Consumer intelligence, stated, “It is estimated that Amazon had sold over 5 million echo devices, since the launch of the project, which was in 2014.”

Amazon does, however, have an advantage over Google when it comes to variables such as voice search. The reason behind this is the diversity of possible commands that a user can issue. In the case of Amazon, the number of commands is limited by the number of products available (with a specific variable in the mind of the user). However, Google’s voice search platform, requires a much wider and more diverse range of acceptable variables, to work efficiently.

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